Reserva Riojas - A Triumph Of Elegance Over Strength

Sun 23 Jan 2005

In a recent survey of reserva Rioja wines, the magazine Vinos de Espaņa confirmed the trend towards the production - and purchase - of more elegant, sophisitacted wines, rather than more 'gutsy', full bodied stronger wines.

60% of the wines selected for the survey reflected the most popular wines purchased by Spaniards; these were from the 1998 and 1999 harvests. 24% of the wines (including Valenciso Reserva) were from 2000, selected as the outstanding wines of the 2000 harvest, while the remaining wines were selected from the 1994-1997 harvests.

Valenciso Reserva 2000 was awarded a silver medal in the survey by the magazine's tasters.


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