Your health and the screwcap....

Mon 24 Oct 2005

Much has been written in recent months about the suitability or otherwise of screwcaps for wine. Whatever your opinion, a letter in a recent wine magazine has now raised a new issue...

'The screwcaps are made from aluminium...and we do not know how this will affect the wine. The manufacturers claim that the surface in direct contact with the wine is inert and will not corrode, to release aluminium. The same has been said for other forms of aluminium-based packaging, such as drink cans, but aluminium is released into products stored in these forms and I know of no independent, published research which has proved that Stelvin closures don't release aluminium into wine during storage.

This research should have been carried out prior to their widespread use and it should definitely be undertaken before use is expanded. Our bodies have no need for aluminium, which is a known cause of neurotoxin and a cause of bone disease and anaemia.'

Food for thought indeed.....

Source: Decanter Magazine letters page September 2005


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