In search of Malvasia roots

Thu 22 Sep 2005

Since the beginning of June, two Croatian scientists have been searching for the true roots of the Malvasia grape. The scientists, Edi Maletic and Ivan Pejic, are famous in California for being the first to use DNA to trace the roots of Zinfandel to Croatia's Crijenak Kastelanski varity.

The scientists will travel around the Mediterranean coastline stopping at Venice and other ports along the route before reaching their final destination of the southern Greek port of Monemvassia. Malvasia - the name itself is a corruption of the name Monemvassia - was shipped all over Europe during the 13th and 14th centuries, mainly because of its ability to withstand long sea voyages. It is widely belived that Malvasia originated from the Greek Peloponnesian islands but scientists now want to scientically prove the genetic bond between the Greek Version and the Croatian Malvazija Istarska.

To try some wine made from Malvasia grapes, why not try our Colegiata Blanco from Bodegas Farina. A lovely soft wine with a delicate hint of apricot, without being over sweet, this wine will make you think twice about Spanish white wine!


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