Torremilanos Gran Reserva 1996 rated as 'outstanding'

Mon 22 Mar 2004

At the recent Wines From Spain Trade Fair in London, Andrew Barrow, the independent wine journalist and critic tasted our Torremilanos Gran Reserva 1996 and gave it an 'outstanding' rating with a score of 90/100.

To quote Andrew, this wine has a 'tomato richness to the aroma with some development noticeable. Oh, this is lovely. lots of sweet fruit, starting to mellow into a savoury plum whole'. Personally we love this wine, but we would recommend that you open the wine at least an hour or two before drinking to allow the delicious flavours of the wine to fully develop. Can be served from the bottle, but a wine as great as this is worth decanting. A special wine for a special occasion - and one that we reckon can be kept for some time yet.

To read Andrew Barrow's review of the Gran Reserva go to:


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