About Us

We have long had an avid interest in Spanish wine and love trying new, unheard of wines from small bodegas. This experimental approach has uncovered some exceptional wines - as well as some which should have been left in the cellar! Typically however, the excellent wines we enjoyed were not usually available commercially in the UK, so since the mid-1980's, we have imported wine for our own private collection.

Our aim with this website is to introduce you to some great, but less well known Spanish wines. Over the years, our interest in and knowledge about Spanish wine - and food - has developed, but our goal remains what is has always been - to source good quality, value for money wine from small producers whose focus is on quality rather than quantity. It is therefore unlikely that you will find any of our wines in the larger UK supermarkets or warehouses, as the bodegas we deal with usually don't produce enough wine to meet the needs of mass distribution channels.

We hope you will be tempted to try some of the wines from our wine list and that you will become as enthusiastic about them as we are. If you are unsure, or would just like to talk to us about our wines - or Spanish wine in general - do please contact us. We love an excuse to talk about our wines! And if there is a particular Spanish wine which you know of and have difficulty in finding, then give us a call - you never know, we may have it in our private collection or we may be able to source it for you.

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