DO Condado de Huelva

DO status awarded 1963.


The DO Condado de Huelva is the western most DO in Andulusia, in the south-western part of Spain. Covering 6,000 hectares it extends through the flatlands of the lower Guadalquiver River, as it makes its way to the Atlantic Ocean which forms the south-western boundary of the DO. Huelva is the capital city of Provincia de Huelva.


The climate is ideal for growing grapes, and similar to that of Jerez. Winters and Spring are mild, followed by long hot summers, all tempered by the Atlantic influence. The average temperature of the region is 18ºC and the relative humidity fluctuates between 60-80%. Rainfall is 840-860mm per annum.


The DO extends over flatlands and slightly hilly areas. In general, the red sandy soil is neutral or slightly alkaline with a medium fertility level.


The DO permits the use of Garrido Fino, Listán de Huelva, Moscatel de Alejandría, Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximénez and Zalema.

Consejo Regulador for DO Condado de Huelva

Avda. 28 de febrero, s/n.
21710 Bollullos par del Condado (Huelva)
Tel: +34 959 410322
Fax: +34 959 413859
Condado de Huelva

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