DO Rueda

DO status awarded in 1980 for white wines.
DO status awarded in 2001 for red and rosado wines.


Rueda lies north-west of Madrid and is the most southerly DO in Castilla y León, north of Medina el Campo, but south of the Duero valley. The region, whilst high at around 730m above sea level, is extremely flat and has little of interest to offer apart from its wines.


Similar in climate to Ribera del Duero, the region experiences hot summers and cold winters, with temperatures up to 40°C in the summer, falling to –10°C in the winter. There are often frosts late into the spring, but the region enjoys around 2,600 hours of sunshine a year.

Annual rainfall of around 400mm is irregular and falls mainly in the autumn. As a result, vineyards are permitted to irrigate their vines to ensure quality, but not to increase the yield.


The soil is sandy and stony, made up of sandstone and clay, although near the river Duero a mix of limestone and clay can be found.


Rueda is one of Spain’s best white wine growing areas. The most popular grape in the region is Verdejo, which produces a classic Spanish white wine of unique character, although Sauvignon Blanc is also planted and Viura is also proving popular. Interestingly, the Verdejo grape is not grown extensively elsewhere in Spain, other than the DO of Rueda.

DO permitted varieties of grapes: Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc, Palomino and Viura

Experimental varieties: Chardonnay (white), Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon (red).

To qualify as a DO wine:

Rueda white wine must contain a minimum 50% Verdejo; the remainder may be made up from Viura and/or Palomino grapes.

Rueda (Verdejo) Superior must contain a minimum 85% Verdejo and must also carry a vintage date.

Rueda Sauvignon may be 100% of the named variety.

Rueda Espumoso (sparkling, similar to Cava) must contain at least 85% Verdejo and must also carry a vintage date.

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