Bodegas La Legua
Bodegas La Legua lies 6 kilometres (or 'one league' hence the bodegas name) north of Valladolid, in the wine region of DO Cigales. La Legua is a modern winery built in 1997, but wine has been produced on the property for over 300 years (or at least that is as far back as the records go), and in fact the new winery is built on top of the old passageways and tunnels of the ancient winery.
There is evidence that in the 12th Century the area in which La Legua is situated was already dedicated to the cultivation of vines, and at that time was part of the Monastery of Palazuelo of the Cisternian Order, which lies five kilometres from La Legua.
In the 16th Century, Philipe II, succesor of the Emperor Charles V, who had his court in Valladolid, frequently visited the property of La Legua to spend some time with his wife Anne of Austria, who lived in Cigales. In a manuscript of that age, an Englishman named Cork, who joined Philippe II on some occasions, talks about the "exquisiteness of the wines from Cigales".
In the 17th and 18th Centuries after the discovery of the Americas in the 15th Century, many of the conquerors of America came from the area surrounding La Legua.
In the 19th Century when Napoleon invaded Spain his armies camped in La Legua, and a few years ago when escavating an old well some artifacts from the camp were found. It is written that these French armies "drained" the whole region of it wine......clearly men of good taste!!
The custodians of La Legua in recent times has been the family of the current owner Emeterio Fernández, and they have spent many years revitalising and replanting their 80 hectares of land, combining modern growing techniques with traditional know-how. The commitment is to offer a quality red wine with a character and personality of its own as part of the Cigales DO, which is an area traditionally devoted to producing rosado. To achieve this the red wines are made with carefully selected and hand picked grapes exclusively from the La Legua vineyard.
Visitors can tour the estate and winery by prior arrangement.
Bodegas La Legua

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