Spanish Tapas and Food
We hope you will try some of the recipes featured on these pages, which have been specially selected to complement our wines.

What are tapas?

Do you know what tapas are? Have you ever tried tapas? Have you enjoyed tapas in Spain, but never been able to recreate the flavours of Spanish food at home? Why not try some of the recipes featured here to go with your Spanish wine?

riceTapas are not a particular style of food, they are more a style of eating and way of life. They are as varied as the cooks who create them and can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like to make them. It is generally believed that tapas originated in Andalucía, where it became common practice to place a piece of jamon over the mouth of a wine glass, (some say to keep flies out of the glass), and served with the compliments of the house.

Since jamon is salty, this was also seen by bar owners to be a way of creating thirst amongst their customers – and susbsequently increase their wine sales. As the custom grew, so did the selection of tapas, so that today there are hundreds of varieties of tapas available across the whole of Spain, each reflecting the characteristics of their chefs, local produce and regional preferences.

Whatever your preference, the only ‘rules’ are that tapas are generally served in small portions and are meant to be eaten immediately. Hot or cold, tapas offer a wide range of possibilities for home entertaining with a difference. Why not replace a traditional first course of a dinner party with a selection of tapas? Or perhaps serve a selection of hot and cold tapas throughout the evening, instead of a formal dinner.

Whatever the occasion, tapas are an ideal way to experiment with the exciting flavours and style of Spanish cooking.
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