DO Toro

DO status awarded 1987.


Toro lies adjacent to, but west of the DO Rueda and DO Ribera del Duero, at the western end of the Spanish Duero river valley near the Portuguese border. The region takes its name from the small town, Toro which lies to the east of Zamora. Most of the vineyards lie to the south and west of the town, on Spain’s central plateau, 600-750m above sea level.


The region experiences hot dry summers with temperatures up to 40°C and very cold winters, with frost possible from the beginning of October until the beginning of May. Rainfall is low with only 350-500mm per year, most of which falls in the spring. As one of the sunniest regions in Spain, Toro has over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. This climate means that the grapes in Toro are often ready two weeks ahead of other regions, but in keeping with tradition, many growers are reluctant to pick the grapes until after 10th October. This can result in grapes that naturally produce wine with a very high alcoholic content (up to 17%). There is a saying in Spain ‘tomando vino de Toro, más que comer devoro’ – drinking Toro wine is more devouring than eating – so the Consejor Regulador has limited the aclohol content of red Toro to a maximum of 15% , if nothing else because they believe there is market preference for wine with rather less alcohol content.


The vineyards tend to be planted above the alluvial soil near the river Duero, on well-drained, sandy infertile soil, with large pebbles at higher levels.


The region produces all categories of wine, from joven to gran reserva, but all grades must be made from at least 75% Tinta de Toro. The best reds tend to be made from 100% Tinta de Toro.

The DO permits the use of Tinta de Toro and Garnacha in its red wines; a small amount of white Toro wine is made from Malvasía and Verdejo. The region has some experimental vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, but this is not allowed in any of the DO wines.

Consejo Regulador for DO Toro

C/Concepción, 3
49800 Toro (Zamora)
Tel: +34 980 690335
Fax: +34 980 693201

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